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Being On Mission

Written through experience in years of professional leadership development through both sport, and business, Mark Mcgregor has released his first book based on his '10 Principles of Leadership and Life'. "Being on Mission" tells the story of Michael Weber, the typical, overworked manager, struck down in both his personal and professional life until he arrives at an all-time low. His ensuing transformation begins with the help of two mentors and a powerful leadership training workshop. Michael becomes aware of his situation, takes responsibility for his circumstances and his actions, and acquires the courage to change. Along his journey, he develops into a more effective leader and establishes clarity and purpose by defining his values, his vision and his mission. Thereby, Michael ultimately alters the way he approaches his work, prioritizes the things that really matter, and begins to lead a more meaningful and purposeful life. This is a story of inside-out transformation and leadership development, and with the lessons learned by Michael Weber along his journey, you, too, can transform yourself professionally and personally. This is not just a book for managers. In "Being on Mission" there is something for everyone, whether you, the reader, wants to become more effective in your business, your community or your family/personal life, these tools will help you achieve your potential.

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our self-evaluation on the 10 principles of leadership

Successful people utilize the principles of effectiveness in their lives daily. Often, they are internally motivated by a strong sense of mission. Over time, they develop, internalize, and live the 10 principles. They have the discipline to use these principles.

What is a principle? Some people call principles guidelines or an internal guiding system. They use these principles to make choices. Principles are fundamentally within us, and are used to steer our actions and help us to make decisions. If a person lives by these clear principles, or or she will be very consistent.

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"Leadership is a choice, it is not a formal title."

Leadership is all about taking responsibility and creating the future.  A set of fundamental skills, qualities and principles build the basis.  Clear values and vision give the leader a compass to help them become more effective.




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